Welcome to THE BOOK ACADEMY!


Looking for a new YA book to read? Want a review from a real teen? Then THE BOOK ACADEMY is the place for you! Here at The Book Academy you can find book reviews on popular YA Novels! From The Mortal Instruments to The Perks of Being a Wallflower, The Book Academy has it all! Why settle for a boring review you’ve seen before,when you can get one from a real teen reader like yourself! I hope you find this website helpful and that TBA can make your reading experience even better! And remember; here, WE TAKE BOOKS SERIOUSLY!

This site was first created in February 2014, looking for a way to share our love and passion for books! A way to share news, information, and talk about our books and their amazing authors! Our goal is to create a reliable blog for fangirls/fan boys/readers to rely on! We are dedicated and passionate fans/readers who are looking to share news, reviews, and more on all fandoms and books across the YA board! We’ve had so much fun sharing our love through multiple medias (Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Goodreads) and wanted to spread our love to a website/blog! We hope you find everything your looking for on this site and that we can be a source to you and your reading experience!

Meet The Writers!

Isabel: Site owner and YA book review/news blogger

Isabel is a teen fangirl, reader, and blogger. She is in 9th grade and is hoping to graduate as a teacher and author. Outside of school Isabel is dedicated to reading, her blog, Instagram, and soccer. Mostly though, you will find Isabel reading YA books and fangirling!

Carrie: Site CO-owner and YA Book Review blogger

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