THEBOOKACADEMY had the chance to interview Anne Applegate, author of the novel The Last Academy!

anneapplegateINTERVIEWiconAbout The Author!

Anne Applegate is the author of THE LAST ACADEMY as well as this little blurb right here. She always thought writing about herself in third person would feel pretentious and weird, but it turns out she kind of enjoys it.(Goodreads)


What was your inspiration for this book? 

I met Barnaby Charon on an airplane when I was fifteen.  His inspiration, at any rate.  We only spoke for a few minutes, but our interaction has stayed with me.  Eventually, I had to give him a story and let him loose.

The ending was a huge shocker. I definitely wasn’t expecting that. Where did you come up with that type of ending “concept”, for the story?

 (SPOILER ALERT) Like Camden, I went to boarding school.  It was a surreal experience, to find myself in such a posh environment, while my loved ones were together without me.  In the beginning, I felt so alone it was as if I’d been shot into space.

I remember lying in bed one night and thinking, “Could it be I’m here because I’ve died?”  In the morning, it seemed laughable.  But at 3 a.m., anything is possible.

Do you find yourself relatable to Camden?

I like Camden, but I’m not much like her.

Out of all of Camden’s friends, who would you pick to be your best friend?

Brynn.  She comes from a pretty dark place, and is still able to pull off courage and great honesty.

If you were Camden how would you react to the twist and truth, revealed in the end?

I would want to see what was on the other side.

For readers out there, what is your favorite series?

 It’s an unbreakable tie between Harry Potter and Stephen King’s Dark Tower series.

Do you plan on writing anything else in the future?

I am hard at work on a couple of new projects.

For more, please visit  The full story of meeting Barnaby Charon can be found at

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