THEBOOKACADEMY had the chance to interview J.D. Netto Author of The Whispers of the Fallen and the sequel Rebellion!


What was your main inspiration for TWOTF?

I wanted to write a story with a message. I am a firm believer that books shape our lives in a very powerful way. When I had the idea for the series, I had the desire to incorporate elements that would make the story relatable to a very broad audience. We all battle against our “inner demons,” so  I wanted to create a world that would reflect this daily struggle we all face.


Writing a story takes a long time. Where there any moments when you felt defeated or wanted to give up?

Most definitely! When I finished Whispers, I sent out over fifteen query letters. They all wrote back saying that there was no audience for a story like mine. I am so glad I did not listen to them.

What character do you find yourself most relatable to?

All of the characters I create have a little bit of myself in them. Looking at the extensive list of my characters, I have to say that Isaac is the most relatable to me. Who wouldn’t want to have wings and have the ability to read minds?

For readers out there, what is your favorite series?

My favorite series is The Lord of the Rings.

Who or what inspired you to start a writing career?

I believed in the story I had written. When I had the initial idea for the series, I knew it had great potential. I would do it all over again if I had to.

What can fans of TWOTF expect in Rebellion?

A lot of “feels”! Rebellion takes the series to a whole new level, introducing readers to some very intriguing characters and scenarios. I find Rebellion to be much darker than Whispers. All of the characters have grown a lot from their previous experiences. I am happy to say most of them survive at the end of the novel.

How does it feel to see all the fans you’ve gained and response towards the books?

It is all very humbling to me. I remember when I was about fourteen, how I would go crazy over so many books. To see people relate to my work in the same way is quite amazing.


Have you considered writing another series after Whispers?

Yes. I already know what the series will be. One word: Paris.

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