undertheneverskyICON1Under The Never Sky Series Review by Isabel

Under The Never Sky is absolutely without a doubt mind blowing. I loved the story and these characters from the beginning and the more I knew about them, the more I read, the more I loved them! Rossi is such an amazing writer and I just loved the whole concept and world she created. The plot revolved around “labels” and segregation in a way between these two worlds. It created this feud and hate right from the start that was fiery and sparked my interest. I was really excited to pick up this series and I’m very happy I did!

Aria started off as this weak and lost character and she develops into this strong and determined person. I love how she just gave her heart out to others so easily. There was this fierceness about her but also this gentle side that out of everyone was able to keep her head and keep everyone intact.

The second book Through the Ever Night was a beautiful read and just carried away the story. I found some of it sad just because Aria and Perry were dealing with these struggles to be together, but it didn’t ruin the book. I love Aria and Roar though and was glad we saw them together more because they are such good friends. I want a best friend like Roar. What I found very interesting was the Tides and learning more about them. There’s this whole other world involving them and so learning about them and being a part of them was cool.

The third and final book Into the Still Blue was pure bliss. I loved the way Rossi ended the story and just the whole book was perfect. I was yelling, screaming, and fangirling for about 70% of this book in anger. It was really frustrating at points. The way Roar and some other characters acted was annoying. But the other 30% I was jumping up and down with happiness.

Overall I love, love, loved this series and it was such a fantastic read. I loved this series so much. Veronica Rossi did a fantastic job and is such an amazing writer. I’m so glad I had the chance to read her series and I was just in love. Beautiful read and a beautiful story. Highly recommend to any dystopian, sci-fi, romance, reader!

REVIEW by Isabel

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