FALLEN by Lauren Kate

Fallen by Lauren Kate Review

The book Fallen by Lauren Kate is a “dangerously exciting”, “darkly romantic”, a“page turning thriller”, “and the ultimate love story”. I beg to differ. My friend has asked me to read this book so I said, sure. Why not? I’ll give it a try. I started reading this book with high expectations since it is compared with Hush Hush, my 2nd favorite series so often. I am sad to say, I was disappointed.

I found the story was very slow and not much happened throughout the story in the buildup of the plot. The whole book just drug on and on, it wasn’t really going anywhere until the end. And when I say end, I mean the last couple chapters. The character development also wasn’t great. I was waiting for someone, especially Luce to step up into a role that was sort of above and beyond her; but instead I felt like she kept cowering in the back.

And I’m sorry but I’ve never really had a problem with the main character, but I really did not like Luce. I found her sort of boring and bland. I also didn’t enjoy how dark she was. It made the story depressing. Luce and I didn’t really connect, sadly.
As if the story wasn’t dark enough, the truth at the end where you discover what her past really meant, it made the story worse. I was confused and didn’t understand what was going on. I understand of course you won’t know everything and you have to read the entire series to find out, but there was no shred of light.

Honestly, all in all, I didn’t enjoy this book. I apologize to those of you who are fans, but I just couldn’t stand this book. I defiantly will not be reading the rest of this series, and cannot promise you that I will be seeing the movie. I give this book about a 2 star review, and set aside my thoughts. Sadly, I wouldn’t recommend this series to people, and I definitely will not be holding it to Hush Hush standards like some fans.

REVIEW by Isabel

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