Let The Storm Break by Shannon Messenger
Let The Storm Break by Shannon Messenger


Shannon Messenger’s 1st book in the Sky Fall Series Let the Sky Fall was an amazing, action packed, “whirlwind” of a story, (see what I did there) and I was so excited to read book two. Low and behold; Let the Storm Break. I absolutely loved this book and it was such an amazing sequel. Messenger’s story is unique, and the characters powers to control the wind are unlike anything I’ve read before. The story was even better than book one and automatically took off from where Let the Sky Fall ended. A thrilling, fast paced, and humorous read; Shannon Messenger’s story captured me again.

The world of Let The Storm Break is set in modern times, with the exception of Vane and Audra’s part. They are amongst the people who can control wind and have the power to create storms. Van the last westerly, the last person who has the power to control the west winds, has now been put at the front lines. With the help of Audra he faces the scrutinizing of the others who want to learn westerly. I was intrigued by Vane’s part in the story and I enjoyed seeing his character step up from the fragile person he was in book one.

Audra was as amazing as always. Her strength and willpower seeks admiration. I love her character and her willingness to protect others; especially Vane. Though I was upset at her in the beginning of the book and somewhat frustrated with her throughout the story, in the end I loved her and she remains one of my favorite female protagonists.

The journey throughout the story was fast paced and action packed. As Vane, Audra, and the rest of their people prepare to face Raiden, the villain of the story, relationships and lives are tested. Friends easily become enemies. And for Vane and Audra knowing who to trust becomes harder. Messenger captures the frustration of the characters as they venture through the story.

I honestly loved this book and the story pulled me right back into the fascinating world Messenger has created. I can’t wait for book three in the Sky Fall series, and I’m excited to watch Vane and Audra’s story unfold, and for the battle to commence.

REVIEW by Isabel

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