Panic by Lauren Oliver
Panic by Lauren Oliver

Panic by Lauren Oliver Review

This was my 1st time reading a Lauren Oliver book and I was very excited to read Panic. I’ve heard so many good things about this book so I was eager to get a chance to read it, and I’m so glad I did. This book was action packed, scary at times, and a real thrill to read! I was so intrigued by Panic and everything it stood for. The dares and the spirit of Panic gave me chills. I was very pleased with this read and I definitely recommend it to you guys to read.
The basis of the book is centered on these two characters, Heather and Dodge. The book is told from dual points of view, both Heather and Dodge’s. They are both teenagers that live in the small town of Carp, New York. Nothing much goes on in Carp, but one event that strikes a rise is Panic. Panic is the game in which teenagers, only high school seniors, can enter. It consists of high-stakes challenges that are dangerous, and can always turn deadly. And these challenges are not to be taken lightly; some put you close to the brink of death. But this doesn’t stop the competitors; for this year $67,000 dollars is on the line. Only one can take home the prize.
Heather is competing not only for the money but for her life. She and her sister live in one of the towns trailer parks with an abusive mother. Drugs, drinking, and relationships have left her mom unfit for Heather and her sister. But Heather is tired of this life. She needs the money to break not only herself free, but her sister as well. Not only that, but Heather as just endured a devastating breakup. On a whim of emotions, Heather enters the game Panic; and she can’t back out. Not now.
Dodge is the kid in town that’s invisible. A girl has even forgotten his name once. Not that he cares. All Dodge wants to do is get out of Carp. For Dodge, Panic not only means getting help for his sister, but getting revenge. Years earlier, his sister entered Panic and in the final round injured, leaving her paralyzed. He is determined to get vengeance for his sister’s state. And Dodge has the upper hand; because he’s never been afraid of Panic.
This book captures the journey of Heather, Dodge, and they’re friends; Bishop and Natalie. Their race to win Panic and to fight for what they need to live their lives was beautiful. I honestly really enjoyed this book and was captured by the story. It was a great read and a great thrill. I cannot wait to read more of Lauren Oliver’s books!

REVIEW by Isabel

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