Erased by Jennifer Rush

Erased by Jenifer Rush REVIEW

Altered by Jennifer Rush is the 2nd book in the Altered series (trilogy). Like the 1st book, Erased was action packed, romantic, funny, and a thrilling read. This book held suspense, and the plot twist added to the story. Jennifer Rush does an amazing job creating such a unique plot with just the right elements and game changers. I was super excited to read Erased after finishing Altered, and I was certainly not disappointed.

The story opens up where we left are genetically altered friends; Anna, Sam, Nick, and Cas. Still on the run from the branch, our group is struggling to stay together and to devise a plan in which they defeat their opponents. For the beginning of the story the group is focusing on staying low and hidden. For weeks they have been traveling around and living in new places.

When Nick comes back from his “break”, he delivers news that someone is looking for Anna. Without any clue to who it can be, Anna is left asking; who?

 Anna and the boys venture to find evidence of their mystery person asking for Anna; what they discover is anything but good.

Figures and clues to Anna and the boys past start to appear, which begin stirring up questions of everyone’s loyalties. Is this the reunion Anna hopes for, or will it be the downfall of not only her-self but the others?

Erased will have you gasping and ‘fangirling’ the entire book. I know I certainly did. Again the revelations and plot twist in the story are beyond perfect, evidence of Jennifer Rush’s talent. The story was everything I could have hoped for and even more. I loved this book, and you will surely love it too!

You can buy Erased HERE:

And you can find Jennifer Rush HERE:

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