Rebellion by JD Netto
Rebellion by JD Netto

Review by: Isabel Naquin

I’m going to go ahead and say it; Oh My God! This book was spectacular! I was so blown away by the 1st book ‘The Whispers of the Fallen’ and the 2nd book was even better. JD Netto is as I have said before an amazing writer and does such a fantastic job of not only writing a great story, but he is able to capture the essence of the characters and the story in such a unique way! “The Whispers of The Fallen” is the story of a boy named Isaac and the journey he takes through Elysium to protect and discover the books of Lucifer along with their book bearers. Rebellion is the next instalment in the series, and it’s hard to put to words how breathtaking this book was!
If you haven’t read this series yet, I highly recommend you pick it up today! It is a spectacular, fantastic, breathtaking, and beautiful read. You won’t be disappointed!

*Spoilers Below*

Rebellion opens up with Isaac a waking from a nightmare in which he kills Nephele. Right away I was pulled into the story! Isaac’s dream was intriguing because of all the emotion and theories that took off in my head. I was interested to see where this would lead latter in the story. Isaac is awoken and told of the situation at hand and that there are safely hidden in Bellator. The King delivers news to Isaac and Demetre, about their parents and about the war coming. I really enjoyed the scene here where the King, Demyon, tells Demetre about his parents. Though it was sad I enjoyed how Isaac comforted him, since I really enjoy their friendship. I also really love the sense of hope Isaac can bring to any situation, and his companions. It might sound weird, but I did enjoy this moment. I think in the end it also helped Demetre’s character. What he took from it impacted him latter in the story.
The book bearers are all brought together by King Deymon and I really loved getting to meet some of the new characters. The one character I really loved and that really stood out to me was Xylia. Her character is so interesting and lovely in a fierce, headstrong way. I really appreciate strong female characters. I’ve said before she reminds me a lot of Tauriel from The Lord of The Rings/The Hobbit. Xylia really stood out to me from the beginning. I also noticed some “relationship” growing between her and Isaac, which they kiss later! I really like their relationship.
Isaac and some of the others venture underground to seek help from the dragons. It’s in this scene where Isaac is able to kill one of the blood drinkers, our new dangerous enemies, which he shouldn’t be able to do. This had me going even crazier! Theories were flying. As relieved as I was that we could kill them in a way, it also raised suspicions latter in the story, and this element of the story is really intriguing. I’m wondering how this will play out in book 3!
The blood drinkers begin attacking the Castle. King Deymon orders Devin to lead all the book bearers on their journey and away from the attack. I was really upset when we had to leave King Deymon because we all sadly new his fate. But the safety of the book bearers is essential. Thus, our journey takes off.
Along this journey Isaac and the others are faced with challenge after challenge, and experience many perils. The stories behind the destructions of the towns were really sad, and it put this burden on the group. Even when the worst was upon them though, Isaac pushed through and he really stepped up to the plate in this book.
In the end sadly, some of our companions submit to the power of Lucifer. I was so upset when I read this part where Adawnas, Petra, and Ballard, where taken. I felt bad for these characters but not only for them but their companions who had to lose them.
At the end of the book when Lucifer visits Isaac and the others, it was such and impactful scene and it has set forth book 3. I’m nervous to see how this journey goes and if we will be able to save everyone and destroy Lucifer. Right now we seem to be playing right into the hands of the enemy.
Overall, as I said before, this book was spectacular, action packed, beautiful, breathtaking and fantastic. It was a great read and I loved this book! I really enjoyed getting to read this book and this series so far. I cannot wait to read book 3! The wait will surely be agonizing. Fantastic job JD Netto!

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