Alienated by Melissa Landers
Alienated by Melissa Landers

Review by: Isabel Naquin

Alienated by Melissa Landers is without a doubt, absolutely fantastic! This book was my 1st real YA Sci-Fi read and I was super excited to be getting into this part of the genre. I was not disappointed with this book! Lander’s book has the right amount of, humor, romance, action, and all the things we love about Sci-Fi!
Alienated is the story of Cara Sweeny, a high school journalist who has been one of the few picked to host some of the L’eihr exchange students. L’eihr’s are the Aliens we managed to make contact with two years ago.
As part of a plan to unite the two races, Cara has now become the host of Aelyx. Not only is he nearly identical to humans, charming, and brilliant, this alien couldn’t be hotter.
This story follows Cara along her journey discovering not only her feelings for Aelyx, but the deeper meaning to the reason for the alien exchange program.
Again this is a great story, a great read, and I strongly suggest you pick it up today!

*Spoilers Below*

Alienated by Melissa Landers; wow. I cannot even put to words how much I loved this book! The story was so intriguing and interesting that I couldn’t put it down. It was full of romance, action, humor, and all the things I love in a YA Novel.
In the beginning where we meet Cara and we just learn about all of her achievements and titles in school, I could tell I was going to love her from the beginning. Cara has such a great fire and drive that I truly admire her. I think her qualities defiantly set the story.
The program in which humans host L’eihr’s was really interesting to read about. And not only the program itself, but I enjoyed getting to know more about the L’eihr race.
I felt really bad in the beginning for Cara after her breakup with Eric. It hit her hard and I felt really bad for her. I was mostly upset with the way he treated her. The way he treated Aelyx was ridiculous. I was aggravated with how everyone was treating them. They hadn’t even given them a chance to know him yet, and I love the way Lander’s wrote these scenes. She brings up so many great points to this subject that I felt were empowering and spot on.
From the very beginning in the little things Cara and Aelyx do for each other you can automatically feel this spark between them. I absolutely loved their relationship.
Which can just talk about Chapter 17? I truly loved this scene and not just because they kissed, but I really enjoyed them showing each other how people are affectionate differently on their planets. It was interesting and equally entertaining. I love romantic scenes that have you laughing and giddily smiling.
I hated that Aelyx had kept so many secrets from Cara. I understood him being nervous about telling her, and how much it was killing him. I just knew it was going to come back and slap him in the face though. And it did… well technically his back. (See what I did there)
The end of this book was sad yet happy for me. I enjoyed that Cara decided to go with Aelyx and that in then end she is able to forgive him. I’m so excited to see what happens in the next book Invaded. After the ending of Alienated I don’t think I can wait!
Overall I truly enjoyed reading this book and I absolutely loved the story. The book, again, is a fantastic read! Great job, Melissa Landers!
I’m excited to read some more sci-fi in the future!



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