The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings
The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings

Review by: Isabel Naquin

I have been waiting and waiting to read this book, and I was so excited when it came out. Finally the book was in my hands, and I have gotten the chance to read the book, which I finished in a day.
Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect when I went into reading this book. All I knew was what the story was about, how excited I was to read it, and how beautiful the cover was! All I can tell you is I was completely blown away by this book and it was absolutely fantastic!
This book is author Lindsay Cumming’s, debut novel and in my opinion, as far as debut novels go, it was better than Divergent!
Lindsay Cummings story is so unique and interesting. The plot and story is so incredible, it’s hard to put to words. I was instantly and intrigued and pulled in from the 1st couple pages. The end of the book was amazing! All of her plot twists and revelations were just breathtaking and insane. The book was just amazing and it’s so hard to put to words how much I love, and enjoyed reading this book.
I definitely recommend this book and it’s a fantastic read. You won’t regret picking up this novel. I strongly encourage you to go out and pick it up today!

*Spoilers Below*

I absolutely loved the opening to this book! The beginning was intriguing and I was interested in finding out more about Meadow’s life and about The Initiative. I really love Meadow and I respect her character so much. What I adore about Meadow is how strong and independent she is. I truly respect that about her. I loved reading about her and reading from her point of view. She’s now one of my top favorite female protagonists.
I also as any other teenage fan-girl have fallen head over heels for Zephyr. I really enjoyed his character and he was interesting to read about. I kept waiting for his path to cross with Meadow, and I was so happy when they meet. He was an interesting character not only because of the fact that he’s different from everyone, but I liked that he was different from other guys. Zephyr isn’t the strongest we see this constantly throughout the book. He isn’t a weak guy though, and I enjoyed seeing his strength and character grow.
I also adore Zephyr and Meadow’s relationship. They are a great couple and enjoy the balance they give each other. For so long, Meadow hasn’t had anyone in her life really that has been there for her. She has also learned from being with him that it okay to cry and not always be on your own, it’s okay to lean on others and have someone there for you. That’s probably what I loved mostly about their relationship.
When all of the pieces started coming together and we found The Resistance I was truly getting into the story and my head was spinning. So many things were happening, and theories were flying. I was so ready to break in and destroy The Murder Complex. I was excited, I was hanging in the edge of my seat, and I was really intrigued.
When we finally break in that’s when all the plot twist hit. I was gasping and shaking my head and just pulling my hair out the rest of the book. When we found out her mom was alive and she almost killed herself. I was just so stressed and flipping out. I mean I literally had my hand clasped over my mouth in shock the rest of the book.
When Meadow shuts her mother and Zephyr in the air vent and faced all the guards at the end… I cannot even put it to words. I just went into like this state of awe. The realization of what was happening and that the book was over, wow. I was shocked, I was angry, stressed, nervous, so many emotions.
Overall I have to say I absolutely love, love, loved and adored this book. It was a fantastic novel and beautiful read. The story was great, the plot was great, and the characters were great. I was just blown away by this book and thrilled I was able to read it. As I said before; it was an amazing, fantastic novel. It was action packed, adventures, mysterious and just absolutely mind blowing.
Spectacular job, Lindsay. And I defiantly will not be patient when it comes to waiting for book 2!



You can find Lindsay Cummings and where you can find her book at:

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