Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen is a debut novel by Victoria Aveyard that introduces the world of Mare Barrow. Mare lives in a world that is divided by blood; red and silver. Silver blood means power, and that leaves the reds at the bottom of the chain in this society. Many silvers have abilities; making them the closest things to gods their world has seen in a while. However, when Mare ‘stumbles’ into the world of silvers and discovers she has abilities too, her life changes forever.
This book is full of fantasy, love, friendship, and betrayal, which will either bring people together or tear them apart.

If you haven’t read this book or you’re interested in reading this book, I highly recommend Red Queen. I was swept away into this world and it left me speechless. It’s a breathtaking read, with characters that you grow to love dearly. The plot twist is genius. My mind was blown, I was speechless, and very emotional all at once. This read is definitely worth it!


The beginning of Red Queen was fast paced and interesting. I really enjoyed Mare’s character from the beginning. I was able to relate to her dedication to her family very well. The fact that Mare was a thief was interesting to me, and it sent my mind reeling. Watching her family begin to fall apart due to the war, and now due to her sister hurting her hand was hard. Aveyard did a great job of describing and setting the scene for the red’s world. You could clearly see how the people struggled, and I quickly came to hate the silvers for how they treated reds.

When Mare meets Cal, I assumed when he said he had a good job that he was working in a good position for the King. Perhaps a small job at the castle? So when Mare gets a job at the castle, I knew Cal got her the job and I thought maybe she would work for the King, being his personal thief. Similar to Throne of Glass. I suspected Cal would be the prince when the Kind started calling out his sons. I was waiting, biting my nails, for when he would come, and I shouted in joy finding out I was right!

Mare made a pretty big scene at the ceremony for the Princesses and it went from being life threatening and nerve racking to completely awesome in seconds.

The Kings plan for Mare was clever and I was excited to see her amongst the silvers and to find out how she would control her ability.

The fact that Mare can create power with her ability, unlike any other silver was interesting and stirs many more questions.
I have to admit I suspected Maven, but his actions kept me at bay and I truly trusted him. His growing relationship and need for Mare was cute and I wanted them together so bad!

I thought the betrayal everyone talked about was when Cal didn’t choose her, but choose his father and didn’t stop the battle from commencing.

No, I was wrong. It hurt so much when Maven betrays her. I was infuriated, shocked, speechless, but overall simply frustrated with the fact that he had betrayed her and there was no going back. On top of that, when I remembered that Maven also has the list of the other red/silver people like her; it was like a punch to the gut. Now I’m extremely worried that he is going to get to them first.

The ending of this book was sad and uplifting at the same time. The battle in the ring with Cal by her side was moving and I enjoyed seeing her step up and use her abilities. It was also sad seeing Cal weighed down from using his ability.

I was relieved to find out Mare’s brother wasn’t actually dead. I felt like at that point Mare deserved something good like that to happen to her.

All in all, this book was fantastic and I definitely recommend to people who enjoy high fantasy books. It was a great story, with lovely characters, and a phenomenal plot twist. I haven’t been that shocked from a book in while.
Praise for Red Queen, this book swept me away!

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