The Death Code by Lindsay Cummings

As if the first book wasn’t great enough, just wait till you read the sequel; The Death Code! This book was fantastic and finished the series perfectly. All of the loose ends were tied, and the ending was beautiful! I will say like I did in my review of the 1st book; it’s better than Divergent!
For fans of The Murder Complex who haven’t read The Death Code yet; don’t wait! This sequel is worth the read and you won’t be disappointed!
If you haven’t read either of the books yet, this is a duo-logy I highly recommend and they are some of my favorite books.
Action packed, romantic, fast paced, funny, and ruthless, this book is an adventure!

*Spoilers Below*

Can we just discuss the very beginning of this book? Meadow is being tortured in every horrible way. Cold water, whips, knives, etcetera, and she stayed strong the entire time. Meadows strength amazes me and inspires me so much. She has endured so much and already, yet she stayed so strong throughout her interrogations. It hurt having to read about her going through all of the beatings, nightmares, and visions of Peri. My heart went out to her.

Reading about Zephyr broke me too. His love for Meadow and the strength he acquires from her, to find her, was beautiful. I love how in this series Meadow and Zephyr’s relationship is different from most YA book romances. Zephyr in this case is head over heels for Meadow. He is so in love with her that he would do anything for her, and he does that in this book. He gives up his freedom to chase after her. Meadow loves him, it just takes her longer to admit it, and that stirs some emotions in their relationship. I love that Zephyr didn’t bail on her just because she couldn’t admit that. He waited for her and he was there for her because he knew her family meant so much to Meadow. He would have waited forever even if just meant being around her and to there for Meadow.

Another thing I also loved about this book was the fact that Meadow begins to realize how much she needs and loves Zephyr. She had feelings for him in TMC, but in this book his absence affected her deeply, and having him back had a big effect on her as well. She admits to missing him, and needing him, more than she ever did before.

I found Meadow more relatable this book. I was able to connect with her very well. The loss of her sister, the need to protect her, and the lengths she went to find her showed Meadow’s undying love for her sister and for her family. I have three younger sisters, two of which who are around Peri’s age. I would do anything to protect them and to save them if it came down to it. So Meadow’s determination to find her sister was understandable to me.

Lindsay Cummings surprised me with this books plot. Part of me thought this book would be all about saving Meadow and stopping The Murder Complex from the inside. I was excited when she escaped so early on in the book and that we were able to face a new challenge. The fact that most of the book was spent outside the wall was neat to me. I enjoyed that this book would venture into an unknown rather than us be stuck in the same general area and part of the stories world.

It was interesting hearing the story of how the United States fell apart and what was going on outside the wall. It was funny seeing out characters who are the most knowledgeable of their group, be stumped by everything outside the walls like cars.

Meadow was keeping a secret from the group. I couldn’t figure out what it was and it was driving me crazy. Nobody knew what her mother had told her or the deal she had made with the General. Finding out her deal in order to protect her family was to sacrifice herself… I was speechless and so upset. When it hit me she had died or was dying I was wide eyed, shaking. It wasn’t until Meadow was describing heaven that it really hit me she had died. I was crying. Crying! It was unfair and so brave of Meadow.

I was relieved to find out she hadn’t in fact truly died. The fact that Zephyr saved her, the way she saved him was so cute! I love them so much!

This book had beautiful ending and I loved that Meadow and Zephyr are able to truly be tighter, admitting that they both loved each other. I’m excited about them leaving to find the Green Place. The Green Place is interesting and I hope they find it.

Overall this book was phenomenal and I loved it! Lindsay Cummings did a great job wrapping up this story and leaving us with a beautiful ending. I wish these characters the best on their next adventure. Thank you Lindsay for a great book and a great series!

“Happiness can always be found. You just have to be strong enough, fearless enough, to open your eyes and really look.”

– Meadow Woodson ‘The Death Code’

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