Hello everyone! I am excited to share this news with you all, and have been excited for a very long time.

Last year I attended the Louisiana Book Festival, and had helped to promote the festival. This year however I will be attending as a featured panelist!

Maddie and Gabby of the YouTube channel @TwoBookTeens and I will be on a panel discussing BookTube or YouTube about books! This is a great opportunity to promote my channel @izzy’sreadingcorner, but also to promote BookTube in general.

I hope if you live in Louisiana, or can come down; you will come to the festival, and maybe attend our panel?! 🙂

I will have more news on the festival soon, and will be posting on my other social media as well.

For more information on the panel, you can check out my video ‘La Book Festival News’ on my YouTube channel!

Louisiana Book Festival Site:

My video:

TwoBookTeens (Maddie & Gabby) channel:

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