Have you met any authors? Yes we have. In fact, a couple weeks ago Carrie & I went along with some of our friends to a book signing hosted by Octavia Books to a signing for NYC Bestselling Author; Jodi Picoult.

This event was to promote the second book in Jodi’s first YA series, which she has co-written with her daughter, Samantha.

The first book, Between the Lines, is about Delilah, a girl who prefers spending her time inside of books than in the real world. When the male protagonist, Prince Oliver suddenly begins to speak to her, actually talk to her, their world’s entire twine. Looking for a way out of the story book, Prince Oliver looks to Delilah for help.

I have not read this series yet, but I am excited to, and I look forward to picking it up soon!

Meeting Jodi Picoult was really neat. She was such a sweet women and we actually talked for a good 3-4 minutes about my favorite series ever; The Mortal Instruments. She recognized my necklace, asked if I was a Shadowhunter, to which I replied a very enthusiastic, “Yes!” Talking to her, like two crazy fangirls was very cool! I definitely won’t forget this experience!



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