TheBeautiful Blogger Awardby Isabel

I am beyond honored and thrilled to say that I (The Book Academy) was nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Ashley over at Infinite Book Reviews! Thank you so much Ashley! This nomination means so much to me and I can’t put into words my gratitude.
Check out Ashley’s blog Infinite Book Reviews for great reviews and other fun!

Here are the rules as listed on Infinite Book Reviews!
1. List 7 random facts about yourself
2. Nominate 7, beautiful bloggers
3. Nominate the people you nominated

Here are some random facts about little old me! ❤

IMG_09781. I LOVE Rock & Roll Music!

That’s right I’m a rocker! Whether it’s rock, punk, metal, metal core; rock music is my favorite type of music, and I don’t listen to anything else!  My favorite bands are GREEN DAY, My Chemical Romance, Of Mice & Men, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Crown the Empire, Evanescence, AC DC,Guns N’ Roses, Journey, Queen, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, etc. Many of my favorite artist and songs are from the 80’s and 90’s! Those where the best years in rock! To me rock music is the most cared for, passionate, meaningful, and inspiration type of music! Many rock artist pour so much of their hearts into their music and it shows!

music gif for post

The poet

2. I’m a writer!

Yes, I love to write, specifically YA literature. I am an aspiring author. Right now I am working on some book ideas, and writing stories. I have trouble staying on one story through, which has been hard.But, I have a completed fan-fiction of City of Heavenly Fire on my Wattpad; @IsabelNaquin. I hope to one day publish one of my works!


3. I’m a BookTuber!

I am a You Tuber, or a BookTuber! This means i make YouTube videos reviewing books, recommending books, and doing fun book tags! I spend hours filming and editing, then publishing my videos on the inter webs. It’s so much fun, and I am looking forward to my BookTube panel at the Louisiana Book Festival this year with Maddie & Gabby!

Fav Movie collage4. I’m a HUGE movie buff!

My dad is a movie buff, and so for years he has sat me down to watch great movies that have become my favorite movies ever! They are mostly from the great times of the 80’s and 90’s, because come on those are the best! I love Back to the Future, My Cousin Vinny, Father of the Bride, Star Wars, and so many more! My favorite memories of my Dad and I are watching these great movies that I love!

black5. My favorite color is BLACK!

Haha, yes my favorite color is black. All I wear is black. My closet is all black. I wont buy a piece of clothing if it doesn’t come in black! I’m obsessed with the color. I think my love of black comes from the fact that in my favorite book series (The Mortal Instruments) they wear all black when they go out hunting. Also black is like a punk/rock color and I’m a “punk” sort of. (my style is punk/rock/”emo” because that’s just me!)



6. My favorite TV Show is PARENTHOOD!

I watch a lot of shows, but my favorite show is Parenthood! It’s such a fantastic show about family, love, hope, etc. My mom got me to watch it, and I fell in love with it! I love other shows like Castle, Major Crimes, Rizzoli & Isles, Supernatural, Project Runway, Top Chef, Seinfeld, Gilmore Girls, Family Ties, & The Closer. ❤



7. I am a Graphic Designer!

My dream job is to be a Graphic Designer for a Publishing company making book covers and promotional art. Right now I make covers, logos, invitations, etc. I made the logo for this blog, and i made the logo for my YouTube channel; izzy’sreadingcorner. I love making pictures and art using other pictures. I think it’s near when i can create something really cool for people that looks neat and has a cool design, just by clicking buttons. (however, trust me it is way harder than just clicking some buttons. It is complicated!)

Here are the blogs I nominated:

Maddie- Fandom Monthly Magazine

Christina- LuLo Fangirl

Carmen- Oh The Book Feels

Sarah- What A Nerd Girl Says

Lindsay- Book Nerdigans

Becca- Awesome Book Nut

Kassidy- Kassidy Voinche

Thank you again to Infinite Book Reviews for nominating me! ❤

Post by: Isabel Naquin

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