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It’s that time again! It’s Monday, and that means Man Crush Monday!

The Book Academy is proud to present our Man Crush Monday: Day (Daniel) from the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu!


Day is one of the main characters in Marie Lu’s Legend series.

Being a 15 year old boy stuck in the shadows, trying to save your family can be tough, but it’s what Day does every day of his life! Sure in between all of that he drinks bad wine, sees a couple girls, and scales some buildings. But he’s all about his family.

day4Day is known for being selfless, sarcastic, loving, brave, and intelligent. He is remarkably athletic, and he uses those skills when running around the slums of the Republic’s Lake Sectors. Whether it’s running through alleys, scaling buildings, pick pocketing folks, or protecting himself, he’s constantly on the move.

Day& June

And did I mention he’s a heartthrob! Yes, not only did he steal our hearts, but he stole June Iparis’s! They met in the slum sectors, where Day helps her after receiving several injuries in a Skiz fight. When Day and June’s attraction for each other cannot be fought, a heated kiss seals their fates. Throughout the rest of the series June and Day are on the course to fight for their love, fighting for each other. Who doesn’t love a guy who makes you a ring made from paper clips?


“…four unfurled paper clips carefully entwined around one another in a spiral, and pulled together end to end so they form a tiny ring…” -Prodigy

Day is our #MCM for today, and we would like to thank him for being such a great character! If we haven’t convinced you of his beauty and loveliness yet, below is more evidence;

“He holds the circle up to the light, and then takes my hand. He presses it into my palm. ‘A gift for you.’ – I can see love and care in the twist of metal, the little bends where Day’s fingers worked on the wire over and over until it formed the right curves. He made it for me.  I push it onto my finger and it slides effortlessly into place. Gorgeous. I’m bashful, flattered into complete silence. Cant remember the last time anyone actually made something for me on his own.”



“He draws closer, until I feel his lips
against my ear. My entire body trembles. “Do you have any idea?” he says in a soft, broken, hoarse whisper. “Do you know how . . . how badly I wish . . .”
He pulls away long enough to look me
desperately in the eyes. “If you don’t love me, just say it—you have to help me. It’d probably be for the best. It’d make it easier to stay away from you, wouldn’t it? I can let go.” He
says it like he’s trying to convince himself. “I can let go, if you don’t love me.”


Want more of Day? Than check out the Legend trilogy by Marie Lu HERE!


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