Velvet by Temple West
Velvet by Temple West

-Review by Isabel Naquin-

I cannot hold in these emotions much longer, I am about to burst! Okay, here it goes:
Velvet by Temple West is a beautiful, fast paced, fun, hilarious, action packed, supernatural love story that is worthy of its praise! I loved Velvet so, so much! When I picked up this book I didn’t know what to expect and I was surprised by how incredible it was! West does a great job of making a story about vampires that is different and not your average vamp book. The love story is beautifully written. West put so much care into the relationship between the two love birds and built a connection between them that went beyond supernatural means.
This book is full of great characters who surprise you and who you can’t help but love! Adrian is different and so interesting to read about because he has so many layers to him. West does a lovely job of peeling back those layers, and developing his character. The timing in this book, the plot, and the story all run smoothly, leaving you wanting to read more!
I give this book 5 stars and I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in reading it! You will not be disappointed. Don’t let the fact that it’s vampires turn you away. I promise you will love this twist and the world of vamps!


After losing both her parents before age seventeen, aspiring designer Caitlin Holte feels like her whole world has been turned upside down, and that was before the terrifying encounter with a supernatural force. Then, she learns that her hot bad-boy neighbor, Adrian—who might have just saved her life—is actually a half-demon vampire.

Suddenly Caitlin is stuck with a vampire bodyguard who feels that the best way to protect her is to become her pretend boyfriend. Trouble is Caitlin is starting to fall in love for real, while Adrian can never love a human. Caitlin trusts Adrian to keep her safe from his demon father, but will he be able to protect her heart?

Review (Spoilers Below):
This book was so good that I read it in a day! A day! I have fallen in love with the story of Velvet and its characters! Adrian and Caitlin are now one if my favorite YA couples.

Caitlin was so easy to adapt to and to like. She’s such a great character and I love the fact that she is a huge Project Runway fan like me! When she curses the birds out with Tim Gunn, I had a good laugh and knew I was in for it!
The beginning of this book was very emotional and you got a good feel for Caitlin and what she was going through. I appreciated that Caitlin was prone to a good cry now and then and that she express her emotions rather than keep them bottled up all the time.

One of my favorite things about this book was how fast paced it was! West did a great job of opening up the story, and getting to the point. Usually books drag things out and that’s why Adrian confessing to being a vampire so quickly amused me.

Adrian has officially stolen my heart. Can we just talk about how sweet, nerdy, and hot he is! His character was so well developed and I loved watching him grow. He struggled amongst other vampires because he was so against their shut-off lifestyles and he longed for human connections like friendships.


When we find out why Adrian has to protect her, I was greatly intrigued by the science and story that West had developed in this vampire world. It is so unique and different from anything I have read. The demon crossover that plays a role in the story was a great touch to the story and really separated it from other stories. I like that West took the basic idea of vampires and put her own spin on it that was greatly different and creative!

Adrian and Caitlin’s relationship was developed perfectly! I enjoyed how much they got to know each other before they fell in love. I loved that they actually did fall in love based on each other’s personalities and not on the fact that he was a good-looking vampire. West took the time to write a relationship that was very real, while factoring in the supernatural and fantasy elements to the story. I honestly felt like I was reading a love story more than a vampire book. West really captured me in this aspect. Rather than build their romance around the supernatural, she played on actual human emotion and relations.

I think my favorite part of this book was the scene where Caitlin and the girls go shopping and she gets dragged into Victoria’s Secret. The fact that they bought the “Green Thing” behind her back was hilarious. When Adrian asks about it and she starts waving it in his face yelling, I lost it! It was priceless. It was just the cutest, funniest scene! ❤


This story was remarkably fast-paced (in a good way). The timing of this book was very well done, and I appreciated the timing of this book. I felt like the delivery of the climax/falling action, where she is attacked by Tommie (Adrian’s father) was perfect. It was written extremely well, and had such a great build-up.

I was so scared when Adrian was nearly dead, and a part of me believed he might be dead. I was thrilled to find him to be, well not as dead as before! 😉

The scene where Adrian confessed his love to Caitlin was written so beautifully and I loved this scene so much. It was such a great scene! I loved that West kept it dramatic but also funny at the same time. It had a great build up. When Caitlin ran around the bed screaming “You’re not allowed to kiss me anymore!” I had a good laugh. She is such a hilarious character and this scene was perfect.

get it girl

Finishing this book was so sad because I wasn’t ready to let go of the story. It had a great ending and I cannot wait to jump into this world and story again in book two!

Hats off to Temple West for such a great debut novel! It was a spectacular book and I cannot wait for what’s to come! ❤

Review by Isabel Naquin


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