ATWcoverAfter the Woods by Kim Savage


After the Woods by Kim Savage is a YA thriller with a twist at the end that will leave you speechless!
Looking for a mystery thriller that delves into the world of two teenage girls who survived a kidnapping in the woods? Well than After the Woods is the book for you!

When Julia and her best friend Liv are ambushed in the woods by predator Donald Jessup, Julia rescues Liv from their attackers clutches, only to be left behind and taken by their mysterious attacker. Julia manages to escape after to terrifying nights, only she struggles to leave the woods behind. Now, a year later, one the eve of the attacks anniversary, a body turns up in the woods. The discovery re-opens the story of Julia and Liv’s attack, causing lies to erupt and the truth to unfold. Julia begins to explore and is faced with a truth that even she isn’t prepared for. Maybe she doesn’t know her best friend Liv, that well at all?

I had the amazing opportunity to receive an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) of After the Woods, sent to me by the author Kim Savage, and all I can say is; oh my gosh! I was so surprised by the direction this book went. I was not expecting this twist at all! I was shocked in the best way. Kim’s twist in this book will leave you speechless and with your jaw hanging wide open!
This book stirred so many emotions and had you questioning everything from beginning to end. She did such a great job of leaving you in suspense, but also causing you to question everything and everyone. Who was lying and who was telling the truth? Where did loyalties lie?
This book creates such a dark and alluring atmosphere that sucks you in from the beginning. Julia’s character is a mystery herself, and she is intriguing to read about. I wanted to explore her story more, and she pulled me along with her throughout this journey!

In the end I loved this book very much! Kim created a fantastic story that is intriguing, alluring, mysterious, trilling, and has you hooked from beginning to end!

Make sure to mark this as a “to-read” and to pre-order your copy today!

RELEASE DATE: February 23rd 2016

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