TTSABY cover

          Words cannot describe how much I absolutely, and utterly adored this book! Claudia Gray below me away yet again in this sequel to ‘A Thousand Pieces of You ’; Ten Thousand Skies Above You. I was thrilled to read this book, and I wasn’t disappointed!


            Gray manage to enrapture me in her world of alternate realities and leave me wanting more! Not only is her writing impeccable, but her characters and story are astounding! Overall I loved this book, and this series is so far one of my favorite series!

What I ultimately loved about this book was Gray’s ability to create these intriguing worlds that were so unlikely their own! In books creating one world can be hard enough, but Gray managed to create even more dimensions that each had interesting plot lines with distinct characters and story lines. Elements of people, life, communities, and more are fleshed out in each of the worlds Marguerite travels to. Not only does Gray manage to make me fall in love with her story time and time again, but she has made me fall in love with specific dimensions in the book. The Russiaverse is my absolute favorite and I teared up due to my love for this world.

One of the other elements of this story that I love is the relationship between Marguerite and Paul! In both this book and the last, Gray has written a beautiful love story that has grown more precious with each book. I love that in these books the love story is not written like any other love story. From the beginning Gray’s style of writing and unique story structure has shaped the romance between Marguerite and Paul through other worlds, and in this book challenges the idea of whether there really is such a thing as fate, and what that can mean.

In the end, I can say that Ten Thousand Skies Above You was a masterpiece of craft that Gray constructed with a beautiful story and take on themes such as love, fate, and destiny. I was more than happy with this book as a sequel, and definitely enjoyed my time back in Marguerite’s world!

I will be counting down the days till the final book in the Firebird trilogy comes out!

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