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I cannot thank Justine Magazine enough for my wonderful job that has granted me all these ARCS. I received, and to my delight, and ARC of “The King Slayer” by Virginia Boecker.

“The King Slayer” is the sequel that “slays”, as it picks up from where former witch hunter Elizabeth Grey’s story left off in “The Witch Hunter.”

Boecker world of magic and war faces its biggest battle, when the witches are faced with a fight they aren’t sure they can win. Blackwell is coming full force this time, and he is not backing down. The lives Elizabeth’s friends are in grave danger, and it is up to her to navigate her way through the blurred lines of good and evil, to save those she loves.

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I loved this book, almost more than I loved the first one! Boecker continued to capture my attention with her intricate story of magic, war, love, and loss. The heroic characters within these pages surprised me time and time again.

Not only was the story fast paced, but the journey these characters go through is always changing, and constantly in motion. Boecker never writes a dull moment. There are turns, halts, twist at every corner. Elizabeth and her friends are pushed to limit and forced to endure change and tragedy in their world, which sends the story spiraling.

All the characters are tested physically and emotionally, keeping the story constantly intriguing!

I really enjoyed this series, and this book! “The King Slayer” was a wonderful sequel and conclusion.  It is a wonderful tale, with amazing characters that I have fallen in love with and will miss dearly. ❤

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