Hey readers! I am so thrilled that I get to share this with all of you today, and I can’t wait to get into the details, but first; we must celebrate!

My friend Sara E. Santana’s NEW book The Sanctuary, sequel to The Awakened, is out and available for everyone to read! I have been waiting for the release of this book ever since I read The Awakened and fell in love with the story.


Zoey Valentine is finally safe, tucked way miles underground in the fortified community of the Sanctuary. She can finally breathe easily. 

But Sanctuary is far from what she imagined and she can’t help but feel trapped. Razi Cylon may be dead but Sekhmet, her evil corporation that created the Awakened, is still out there and it’s not long before citizens of Sanctuary are disappearing and reappearing, dead and mutilated, each one tagged with a note, a warning, signed by Razi herself.
Problem is, Razi should be dead and when she starts to threaten everything Zoey has fought so hard for, she’s ready to fight. Sekhmet has existed for far too long and Zoey has had enough.
Its time to end it all.

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I was a part of the blog tour last year and you can check out those post HERE and HERE!

Part of this celebration includes a stop to my blog for “The Sanctuary” Book Tour! Here, I have an exclusive interview with the author herself, Sara!

Before we get to the interview, I want to let you guys in on some really cool deals and giveaways that you are going to want to be a apart of!

First: The Awakened is available for 99¢ on Kindle! What a great deal! Don’t miss out!

Check out the amazing Blog Tour giveaway Sara is doing! Check out the link to the giveaway HERE!

The giveaway starts January 10th and ends January 27th! Prizes will be shipped at the end of January! This giveaway IS available internationally!

Enter the giveaway HERE!

The prizes include:

One 1st Place Prize Winner– Signed Copy of The Sanctuary with swag pack (bracelets, buttons, bookmarks)

Two 2nd Place Winners– An Ebook (your choice) of The Sanctuary and two signed bookmarks!



Now, lets get started with the interview! Hope you enjoy!

What has it been like going through the process of your book being published?

Answer: It was a really long process. Worth every moment of it, the ups and downs but it was definitely a long process. I first started writing The Awakened in September of 2013, and finished the fourth draft, the first complete draft, in May of 2014. After that, I spent a good four months editing and rewriting and that sort of thing. Then I spent over a year querying agents and eventually, indie publishers. I was about ready to put it aside, focus on the NA romance I’d been working on, and explore the idea of self-publishing when Benjamin announced the launch of his company and how he was taking submissions and I thought “why not?” It was a new option and I decided to go for it and it definitely worked out to my advantage!

What are your hopes for this book and what readers will take away from reading The Awakened?

A: Hmm. Well I guess I could say…I just hope people read it! I would love for everyone to LIKE it but I know realistically that’s not possible. But I do hope that people give it a chance and that they enjoy the story and that they enjoy the characters. I honestly think my two main characters are incredibly flawed and I hope that they are loved for that. I also hope that the book leaves you wanting more…the sequel!

Is there any one place, person, or thing that was significantly influential in writing this book?

A: Oh wow. Definitely not one thing. There was just a sort of smorgasbord of things that influenced The Awakened. There was a new band I discovered two years ago and they influenced me. My frustration with The Walking Dead at the time influenced me. Authors like Melissa Landers, Rick Yancey and Jessica Brody influenced me. So much went into this one novel, its hard to pinpoint just one thing.

Are there any authors that have been helpful along your writing journey?

A: This is definitely a question that I could go on and on and on about. I’m so lucky that between my love of reading and my crazy blog life, I’ve gotten the chance to read so many books and interact with SO many authors. There are authors that I’ve never met that have been so helpful like JK Rowling and Rick Yancey. There are the ones that directly influenced me like Melissa Landers and Jessica Brody. Then there are the ones that I’ve become friends with, which is a countless number that blows my mind, that always encouraged me and told me not to give up and all of that. It means the world to me that they just kept pushing me to do it and I did it!

What was the easiest part and hardest part of writing The Awakened, and of publishing the book?

A: I don’t know that there are any easy parts, haha! I’m kidding but also, not really. Writing a book is HARD and The Awakened is actually the fourth one I’ve written. You kind of have to go through some hard work to get to that one book. I think the easier parts for me were the emotional scenes. I’m an emotional person so it was easy to connect to those scenes. Some of the harder parts were the action scenes. I’ve never written things like that before so I wasn’t sure if I was writing them well or making them exciting. I questioned myself a lot during those scenes.

I think the hardest part of publishing the book is the journey to get it there! It involves a LOT of rejection and its hard to push yourself past that. Even knowing that its part of that journey, even knowing that there would eventually be a yes…it’s hard to keep going sometimes. It’s hard to continually get “no” over and over again and think, yeah I’m doing the right thing.

What is it like working on book two?

A: It’s definitely been a whole new experience. I’ve never written a sequel before so that’s a challenge right there. But I also haven’t been in Zoey’s head for more than a year now so getting back to her after writing the main character of the romance I wrote over the summer was a challenge as well. But it feels good to be back with Zoey and the rest of the characters, both old and new, and I’m hopeful that even with the ups and downs of writing it, it’ll turn out great.

What will you be doing today one the great release of The Awakened?

A: Well, I have the day off so…celebrating. Basking in the surreal feeling of being a published author. Posting a lot on social media? I’ll be on Twitter all day, answering any and all questions that people have. Promoting the heck out of my book. Oh! I’ll also be getting my sixteenth tattoo “XII-I-MMCV” which is December 1, 2015 in roman numerals. Obviously that’s the day my first book is getting published! Eek!

Describe The Awakened in 3 words?

A: Action, Romance, Unexpected

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