Hey readers! Today I am bringing you the scoop on my lovely friend Kim Savage’s new book Beautiful Broken Girls! This beauty comes out February 21st, which believe it or not is my birthday! (Bookworm Goals!) After reading Kim’s debut novel After the Woods, I fell in love with her and her work. Kim’s stories are incredibly unique and definitely keep you on your toes, mind reeling, in the best possible way!

Check out my review of After the Woods HERE, and scroll on down to find out more about Kim’s new book and to see my review!

Beautiful Broken Girls by Kim Savage 


About the Book:

Mira and Francesca Cillo—beautiful, overprotected, odd—seemed untouchable. But Ben touched seven parts of Mira: her palm, hair, chest, cheek, lips, throat, and heart. After the sisters drown themselves in the quarry lake, a post-mortem letter from Mira sends Ben on a quest to find notes in the seven places where they touched. Note by note, Ben discovers the mystical secret at the heart of Mira and Francesca’s world, and that some things are better left untouched. (from Goodreads) 


Savage’s Beautiful Broken Girls hits home; hard. Not because this physiological thriller has monsters jumping out from behind creepy literary corners, but because the message Savage delivers is both beautiful and haunting. This is a characteristic of Kim’s writing and books that I enjoy. Savage proves that it doesn’t take a huge knock out fight to deliver a punch. Lies uncovered, truths exposed, characters stripped of their protective layers, and a story about beautiful broken girls, is more than enough!

The book begins in the after math of the dead Cillo sister’s bodies being raised out the quarry lake. Ben, the main character, is struggling to come to terms with the reality of the girl’s deaths, and is even more shocked when he receives a letter from one of the sisters herself; Mira, his ex-girlfriend.

I was intrigued right from the beginning not only with the interesting and emotional way that Kim opens the book, but also from the way the story is set and the letter Ben receives is revealed.

All throughout the book Savage follows both Ben and Mira, their stories and discoveries being told back to back, in-sync with the progression of the information reveled to the characters. One thing I enjoyed about this as well was the way Savage reveals information without giving too much away. You learn enough to keep you guessing and makes assumptions, but then more of the story is revealed and it keeps your ideas spinning.

The story is never predictable. It is always a fun game of cat and mouse reading her books! I love it!

At the end of the book, when Kim puts the whole story into perspective, when all the hands are dealt, and when all the pockets are emptied, you are left in this “mental asylum”; connecting the dots, thinking through the story, light-bulbs flashing in your head. It’s liberating as a reader because you are filled with a haughty mix of emotions. It’s a push and pull of a haunting, unsettling feeling, mixed with a sense of overwhelming adoration for the story and the lesson it tells.

The metaphoric imagery and symbolism Kim uses in this book is brilliant and eye-opening. Touch and what “touch” or “touched” means is an important theme in this book, and Kim reveals the many different ways this word can infiltrate our lives. I felt overwhelmed with a sense of revelation and perspective. You can’t walk away from this book without taking away some new appreciation for the word, and understanding of the power “touch” has.

Savage manages to “teach” without shoving a lesson down reader’s throats. Instead she does what all books try to do; tell a story, deliver a message, and have an impact on people. Savage does this beautifully!

For anyone interested in reading Beautiful Broken Girls, I highly recommend this book! Psychologically thrilling, intriguing, and eye opening; Savage’s newest book is a 2017 must read!

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