Hey readers! Today was the first day of the Washington Journalism and Media Conference here in good ol’ Washington D.C.! It was an incredible first day.

After a long flight I arrived in one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been too. It was so nice to be back!

Today was jam packed with a great quest speaker named Sonya Gavankar, a Multi-Media Content Creator known for her work at the Newseum, ABC, CBS, and the launch of her website HerExchange.com. It was a truly wonderful opportunity getting to hear her speak. We all learned quite a lot.

This week I am apart of the Yellow Group, and yes, we are still working on a team name. Regardless, my group is great! We had fun getting to know each other today via wacky games that passerby’s may have considered crazy for kids in professional attire. As nuts as we may have looked the day was a whole heap of fun!

Tomorrow is going to be jam packed as well but I can’t wait! It’s be such a wonderful first day here at WJMC. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Till then, this is Isabel Naquin, signing off.

“Goodnight and Good Luck.” – Edward R. Murrow 

(It’s a Journalism Conference, you expect me not to quote Edward R. Murrow?!)










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