Hey readers! So, today was the fourth day of the Washington Journalism and Media Conference.

Today we got to participate in a journalism simulation where were put into teams amongst our color group and take on the role of journalist for a publication, deciding what news to report and where on the publication. My group got the Washington Post. It was a lot of fun having to think like a true journalist and having to adapt an entirely new style to our work.

After that we heard from a couple speakers. I personally, enjoyed Nicole Lives, President of Nicole Lives Media, speak. She had some great insight and knowledge to grace us all with about what the toll of journalism is on out person lives. It was incredibly eye opening. Later, there were Career Exploration Sessions and we got to pick what speakers we would want to go see. I choose to see Tom Jackman, reporter for the Washington Post. He gave and incredible speech as well as some great answers to our questions. There was even a part where he interviewed. few of us there and quickly put together a piece to read to us. It was really neat!

That night we heard from another speaker, and that was the day! It was great, all in all. I learned a lot and had fun hearing these speakers! 🙂

This is Isabel Naquin, signing off.

“Good night, and Good Luck.” – Edward R. Murrow 



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