It was important to me that my graduation cap be something meaningful. Something that was inspiring, emotional, personal, and even longlasting. I didn’t want something so thematic that when I looked back I questioned its importance or even it’s meaning with a sad sigh, pitying my younger self. I wanted to reflect on the time I spent in school while looking towards the future. I wanted a statement.

So, I “Pinterested“, if that is even a term until I found a design I liked as well as a quote that satisfied me. I scrolled and scrolled until my hands risked injury. It took a while but around February of this year I settled on this:


From here, I got to work creating my vision, and ultimately my dream cap design. It may be silly to look forward to this, but to me, this was a chance to proudly display a statement about myself and my ambitions. Not only that but in a way, I felt like by choosing this quote, I was making a promise to myself.

A promise to pursue my dreams and my goals of affecting change.

The end result; a cap I couldn’t love more. A cap I hope I will look back on with nostalgia and a blissful smile.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


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