Hi readers!

Today I am bringing you a cover reveal for one of my favorite series, and most highly anticipated releases: The Cities of the Dead by Alys Arden!

The novel is set to released November 2018. You will all be able to pre-order your copy in just a few short weeks, so be on the lookout!

Without further or due, here is the cover:


Can we take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous this cover is? I have loved every book cover in this series, but there is just something so beautiful about this one. Either way, it’s another jaw-dropper, and it’s going to be a show stopper on my shelves.

There is also a really neat teaser movie! Check it out:

I am all sorts of excited for this next installment, in Alys’s Casquette Girls series. I have been anxiously awaiting this release since I plowed through the last book.

If you have not read this series, I highly encourage you to do so. I waited a while to pick up the first book, and the moment I did, I regretted the wait. It’s a phenomenally entertaining, magical, and inspiring read, that will fill your heart with so much joy!

If you want to read my review of the first book you can find it HERE, and if you want to read my review of the second book, you can find it HERE.

Happy Saturday and happy cover reveal! >3

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