About PageWelcome to BOOKS AND BREWS!

Looking for a new YA book to read? Want a review from a real YA lover? Then BOOKS AND BREWS is the place for you!

As an avid coffee drinker, and a huge book nerd, I spend my days guzzling down cups of delicious caffeine as well as a great read, and that’s what Books and Brews is all about! I know the best blend is when your coffee (or tea) and book is just right, so I’m here to help you with the book part. The rest is up to you!

Whether your a french press kind of gal, or a dark roast kind of guy, there’s a book to compliment that cup of joe, and you’ll find it here!

Maybe it’s sweet like sugar, or comforting like creamer, either way, my goal is to help find you the perfect bookish treat.

Books and Brews is all about books, with a definite love for coffee, but most importanly, it’s a place where bookworms can find their next great read!

So sit back, relax, let the coffee brew, and the reviews steep, because here, it’s all about providing you the best books and the best brews! โค

coffee border 2

This site was first created in February 2014, looking for a way to share our love and passion for books! A way to share news, information, and talk about our books and their amazing authors! Our goal is to create a reliable blog for fangirls/fan boys/readers to rely on! We are dedicated and passionate fans/readers who are looking to share news, reviews, and more on all fandoms and books across the YA board! We’ve had so much fun sharing our love through multiple medias (Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Goodreads) and wanted to spread our love to a website/blog! We hope you find everything your looking for on this site and that we can be a source to you and your reading experience!

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