#WJMC2017 Day 5!

Well readers, this is it. My last post about the Washington Journalism and Media Conference 2017. Today was the last day, or last full day, and a lot happened. Some of which I can sadly not say here. However, the experience was something that truly opened my eyes, and I hope that through action, I … Continue reading #WJMC2017 Day 5!

#WJCM2017 Day 4!

Hey readers! So, today was the fourth day of the Washington Journalism and Media Conference. Today we got to participate in a journalism simulation where were put into teams amongst our color group and take on the role of journalist for a publication, deciding what news to report and where on the publication. My group … Continue reading #WJCM2017 Day 4!

#WJMC2017 Day 3!

Hey readers! Here I am with my blog post about the WJMC2017 Day 3! I can’t believe it’s only been three days. So much has already happened. I guess that’s what they mean when they say times flies. Well, it has flown. Today was busy as well, but hey that’s journalism. We were lucky enough … Continue reading #WJMC2017 Day 3!

#WJMC2017 Day 2!

Hey readers! I am reporting to you from George Mason University with news from Day 2 of #WJMC2017. Today was a great day as well! We had a guest speaker come and talk to us after getting to spend hours exploring the Newseum, one of my favorite places in D.C.! After listening to our speaker … Continue reading #WJMC2017 Day 2!