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 I think like any reader, reading wasn’t instant. I used to read books, but they weren’t my top priority. I was big into Nancy Drew, Cam Jansen, but that was mainly it. It wasn’t until a few years later, that I was introduced to the Fiction Genre. My father, an avid reader as well, introduced me to Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. I became a huge Potterhead and a fierce demi-god. After reading those books though, my reading seemed to dull down again. I was into Twilight & Hunger Games like most people at the time. The day I really started reading, when my fangirl life took off had to be the Christmas of 2012. My wonderful Nanny Jayme introduced me to The Mortal Instruments, instantly I was in love. I couldn’t get over that series and I still can’t. That series directed me into the YA Genre and since then I haven’t stopped!
Words cannot describe how much books have impacted my life, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without them. They are a part of me, and I apart of them.
I can’t thank my Nanny enough for giving me that series.
 Reading is something I will never part with, and I honestly can’t picture a life without it. Books have given me opportunities I’ve never had before. My TMI Instagram has allowed me to share with people my love and passion for TMI series, and not only that, but other books. This blog is just the next step and I can’t wait to expand my love further and continue this journey.
Books are my driving force and something I have come to discover is what makes me happiest. I don’t think I can go a day without reading or having a book. It makes me happy to live other lives and experience journeys I can’t find in the real world. To open a page and instantly be transformed is beautiful and breathtaking. Reading is something I will always carry with me, no matter what.
So wondering why I have this blog? I created The Book Academy as a way to share my love for books even further and to help the readers like myself, find that special book, to make their reading experience better. I hope that like my Nanny, I can recommend that one book or series that changes people’s lives. And I hope that this blog can help you a long your reading journey.

 All My Love,

Faves 2

4 thoughts on “Meet the Admin!

    1. Awe! Thank you so much Ashley! This truly means so much to me, i’m a honored and cannot thank you enough! ❤ Keep on being an inspiration, because you truly are one!

  1. Hi Isabel! My name is Maggie Andresen, I’m a reporter with The Times-Picayune and We’re interested in doing a feature on you for a long-form piece called the Southern Girl’s Project, focused on breaking stereotypes about what it means to be a “Southern Girl” by highlighting the accomplishments and challenges young women are facing in their daily lives. Please contact me at the email below (with parental permission!) if you would be interested in participating! Keep reading!

  2. I would love to share more information with you about NOCCA, Louisiana arts conservatory for high school students! I think you would be very interested in our Creative Writing Department.

    Visit our website, to share your email contact information and you will receive announcements on opportunities!

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